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Rodney Reed’s brother on the death row case dividing America

You can hear the rally before you see it; the sound of shouting in unison, several blocks away, echoing around the centre of this sleepy Texas town nestled in the piney woods half an hour east of Austin, the state capital. When the 50-something-strong crowd emerges, heading towards the county district attorney’s office, everyone is braced against the cold.

The tiger next door: America’s backyard big cats

It was the sort of headline impossible to scroll past: “Pot Smokers Find Caged Tiger in Abandoned Houston House, Weren’t Hallucinating: Police.”. Last February, a group of people had snuck into a deserted house in Texas’s largest city to smoke marijuana when they stumbled upon a full-grown tiger in a cage – a cage secured by just a nylon strap and a screwdriver.
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Dead Man Talking Podcast

Angel Resendiz aka The Railroad Killer criss-crossed the US by freight train in the 80s and 90s, choosing his victims at random, before he was executed by the State of Texas in 2006. Before his death, Resendiz spoke to journalist Alex Hannaford and claimed, on tape, to have killed more than he had taken the blame for.
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What Happened to the Mob

Anthony Arillotta swapped out his black Ford Expedition SUV for his mother’s Nissan Maxima – less conspicuous, he thought – then started out on the two-hour journey to New York City. It was 11 August, early in the morning, but the sun was shining and it was already warm. He’d been instructed to meet at a restaurant called Nebraska Steakhouse near Arthur Avenue, better known as Little Italy, in the heart of the Bronx.
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My Journey Along the Wall

It was a central plank of his election campaign: to build “a big, fat, beautiful wall” 1,000 miles long to combat illegal migration from Mexico. Now, as a caravan of thousands of asylum-seekers approaches, Alex Hannaford travels coast to coast to find out about life on this vast porous border
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Taking on Donald Trump: A sweep of Democrat successes is predicted in the upcoming US midterms

Down near Austin’s Lady Bird Lake, there is little room to move. People are spilling into the road near stalls selling flags, T-shirts and lapel badges that read: ‘Science is not a Liberal Conspiracy’ and ‘Protect Kids Not Guns’. As 8pm approaches on this Saturday night in autumn, there are 50,000 people here; some reckon 60,000.
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Does Beto O’Rourke stand a chance?

Two years after Colin Kaepernick, then the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, knelt down during the national anthem in order to protest racial injustice in America, a middle-aged man stood before a crowd of people gathered in Houston, Texas, and defended Kaepernick’s right to do so. ‘Isn’t it disrespectful?’.
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We asked 12 mass killers: 'What would have stopped you?'

Parkland is an affluent city of 30,000 people, 40 miles north of Miami on the edge of the Florida Everglades. Families once moved there for its safe neighbourhoods and good schools. One former mayor said life revolved around its open spaces and fields. It was also one of the safest cities in Florida – but that all changed on Valentine’s Day 2018 at 2.19pm.
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The British woman with a death row ministry

Ann Stevens together with Ivan Cantu on her ministry visit at the Polunsky Unit Credit: Enda Bowe. Even if you know the Polunsky Unit is about to make its first appearance behind a thicket of pine, it still stops you in your tracks – so stark and imposing are the concrete and razor wire and lookout towers in this sleepy, rural corner of east Texas.
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David Miliband on why the EU is more appealing than ever

In this preview of the latest issue of British GQ, out Thursday, David Miliband talks about why the EU is more appealing than ever and what Labour should do next…. David Miliband on remaining invested in Britain despite living abroad. “I take no pleasure in Britain’s embarrassment. Those of us who are outside the country take absolutely no pleasure in the low ebb to which Britain has sunk.
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Missing in the US desert: finding the migrants dying on the trail north

Last year, 322 deaths were recorded along the US border with Mexico. The real number could be a lot higher. Alex Hannaford joins volunteers searching for the lost
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Inside Houston, the City Is Running Out of Sleep, Fuel, and Lives to Save

As darkness fell over Houston on Tuesday evening, three military helicopters circled above Tidwell Road, while near its intersection with the Sam Houston Tollway, a huge dump truck plowed through the water toward the highway carrying at least seven children to safety in its giant hopper. But Tidwell Road isn't technically a road at all: Since the weekend, it’s become a vast river snaking into the distance.
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Alex Hannaford

Alex was born in London in 1974 and spent his early childhood in Nigeria. He cut his teeth in journalism on the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong and the Lymington Times in England. He worked as a feature writer and commissioning editor on the London Evening Standard before going freelance in 2003.

Alex has taught journalism at Kingston University in the UK and authored a biography (Last of the Rock Romantics) for Ebury Press, part of the Random House group. He has written about the death penalty, crime, harsh sentencing, religion, culture and human rights issues for British GQ, The Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph , and Guardian magazines, Esquire, The Atlantic, The Nation, the Texas Observer, and Texas Monthly.

He is the writer and director of The Last 40 Miles, an award-winning animated short film about the death penalty.

He hosted Dead Man Talking, a crime podcast for Audioboom, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, etc. which won silver at the 2019 British Podcast Awards.

He won the 2015 Media Award from the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. He is a Fellow of The Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma at Columbia University.

A dual British-U.S. citizen, Alex divides his time between Texas and London.


Books: Grace Ross, Regal, Hoffmann & Associates

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